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In partnership with Rapanui, the Shark Trust Teemill clothing store has re-opened its “doors”. 

New designs and cutting-edge sustainable products combine with print on demand to ensure a low-waste, high-quality collection. Click here to find out more about the product journey. 

We’ve retained some of the popular designs from the previous incarnation of the store and added some funky new mako, hammerhead and pop-art designs. You can also make an impression over the party season with one of our unique shark and ray Christmas designs.

Unique t-shirts are available for men, ladies and kids, as well as a collection of hoodies, sweatshirts and tote bags.

From order to shirt-on-your-back takes just a few days with most being printed on the day of order.

It’s always great to see people proudly sporting a Shark Trust t-shirt. It’s an easy way to spread the word about sharks and the work of the Trust. The partnership with Rapanui means that we can benefit from all the hard work they put in to minimising the environmental impact of production. We look forward to launching new designs in the new year."
Paul Cox, MD

Click here to visit the store and find your favourite today

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