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The Shark Trust

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All sharks – bright and beautiful, great and small, weird and wonderful – we love them all. And this limited-edition Shark Trust calendar celebrates them in style.

Popular favourites - such as the Great White, Tiger, and Hammerhead – feature alongside some lesser known and more unusual sharks. Like spooktacular ghost sharks, the deep-sea Goblin and glowing Lanternsharks. All these and many more make an appearance.

Showcasing a different shark every month, our calendar also includes lots of fun shark facts and colourful illustrations, to brighten even those darker-gloomier months.

Created for shark nuts everywhere, this calendar will help you keep track of important dates throughout the year. Plus, it includes all the jaw-some holidays relating to sharks. So you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to celebrate this incredible group of animals.

  • 12-month calendar: January-December 2021
  • Dimensions: Closed 12” x 12”. Open 12”x24”
  • Printed on recycled matt paper
  • Ready to hang on your wall