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No Limits? Sharks Adoption


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When you adopt our No Limits? sharks you'll be supporting our No Limits? campaign. Helping to stop the overfishing of Blue Sharks, Shortfin Mako, smoothhounds, catsharks and Tope, in the Atlantic. 

So you won't just be helping one shark but many.

Adoption Packs

All our adoption packs are presented in an A4 folder, which contains:
  • Personalised Certificate - add a name and short message (max 20 words) above to personalise your certificate.
  • A4 Poster of Blue Shark & Shortfin Mako
  • Factsheet about Your Chosen Sharks & the No Limits? Campaign
  • Shortfin Mako Bookmark
  • Set of Shark Postcards

Text on certificate reads:

 'This certifies that NAME has adopted the No Limits? Sharks. Thank you for supporting our No Limits? campaign. Your adoption is helping to stop the overfishing of Blue Sharks, Shortfin Mako, Tope, smoothhounds and catsharks in the Atlantic.'

This is followed by your message (max 20 words) - eg Happy Birthday! Love Mum and Dad xx. Or you can leave this blank.

All adoptions are a one-off payment and last 1 year.

We've created different levels to give you the option of donating more to your chosen research project. But the adoption pack is the same for all levels.


Find out more about the No Limits? campaign

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